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About Ryan Peña

Ryan experienced conversion at the age of 11. Immediately, there was an awareness of the Lord’s presence, hunger for Scripture, and desire to communicate with God. That summer, Ryan read nearly all of the New Testament, except the Book of Revelation because it was too weird and scary. At 16 years old, Ryan became the youth leader in his dad’s congregation, Church of Acts in San Antonio, TX. This was also when prophetic revelation dramatically increased in his life. After graduating high school, Ryan went to Bible college in San Antonio, TX, from 1993-1997. In 1996, Ryan was part of an incredible refreshing of the Holy Spirit at Church of Acts that was filled with manifest presence, signs, miracles and prophetic increase.

With only one worship team and a few leaders ministering every night for nearly three months, it was clear they weren’t ready for an outpouring. This was also when Ryan was introduced to major prophetic voices such as Bobby Conner, Bob Jones, and MorningStar Ministries.

After the outpouring 1996, the Lord highlighted Ephesians 4:11-12 concerning the equipping of the saints for the ministry. This is when Ryan realized the role of the five-fold was not doing all the ministry but raising up the Body of Christ for the work of ministry. Immediately, he began training prophetic, intercession, and healing teams. He served in leadership at Church of Acts until planting a church in 2008, which he led for 11 years. During this time, Ryan experienced numerous downloads and encounters that dramatically redefined his belief system and language.

To this day, Ryan carries a vision for people to discover their identity and occupy their place in the Kingdom. His mission is to see the Kingdom advance as the fulness of authentic five-fold grace is restored in the earth. Ryan currently serves in senior leadership at Church of Acts in San Antonio, TX. He’s also the National Director for School of Kingdom, co-founder of House of Many Waters online ministry, and serves the Body of Christ as an itinerate minister. Ryan, his wife Leslie, and 5 children reside in San Antonio, TX.