Builder Prophets Intensive (Mar. 2024)




We’re inviting you to join us for this 3-session Livestream intensive starting Friday, Mar. 1st @ 7 pm (CST)!

Hey friends! I know many people have “written off” the prophetic for various reasons from theology to hype. Still, I love every form of communication from heaven and the prophetic has a unique grace to personalize the gospel and heart of God.

My friends, the prophetic as we’ve known it is ending! A metamorphosis is taking place in which it will sound, look, and operate very differently in this NEW ERA.

It’s a new day for the prophetic ministry. Will you be part of it? 🔥 🔥 🔥

Are you a forerunner who will help reform the prophetic into the original design of God?

You might think, “What if I’m not a prophet? Should I still take this intensive?” YES, while someone may not sit in the office of a prophet, EVERYONE should walk in the grace of the prophetic.

Let’s position ourselves to participate with God to BUILD A NEW FUTURE!

*This is an online and in-person event. It will be live-streamed on Zoom & a private FB group*

**Yes, there will be replays in the FB group if you cannot watch live**

$49 (Replays available for one month in a Private Facebook Group)

Session 1: Fri, Mar. 1st @ 7 pm (CST)
Session 2: Sat, Mar. 2nd @ 11 am (CST)
Session 3: Sat, Mar. 2nd @ 4 pm (CST)

Church of Acts
9965 Kriewald Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78245

Don’t miss out on FRESH REVELATION!!! Be part of the GLOBAL AWAKENING taking place in the things of the spirit.

Advancing His Kingdom!
Ryan Peña